Moscow Center of Buddhism, Legshed Darzhaling Datsan is located near Profsoyuznaya metro station.

The temple was organized in 2015 by the rector of the temple, Bair Lama Tsympilov, and with the help of the Federal Property Management Agency and the administration of the Akademichesky district of Moscow.


As in other buddhist temples, in datsan the following is disclaimed:

  • Turning back to the altar and Buddha statues
  • Pointing fingers at statues
  • Smoking inside the temple
  • Obscene language and loud talk


You need to start your inspection with a detour of the temple, the so-called «goroo» — a detour in the Buddhist tradition. Clockwise, an odd number of times.

Lamas will gladly talk about the deities in the images and statues, but you can make a detour yourself.

Do not pass by sculptures and images, each of them has its own deep meaning. An image or «thangka» is usually a manifestation of some deity or deities. Ask the lama, and he will surely tell you what kind of deity it is and what prayers are applicable.

Turn khurde, prayer drums clockwise, with thoughts and wishes for the good of all living beings, in each of the drums there is a prayer and by scrolling the drum, we help prayer spread its effect into the world.

Entrance to Datsan is free, and visiting is free.

Every day, Buddhist lamas hold a reception in the datsan, advising on various issues.

Reception is by appointment, but there is also a live queue.

Book your appointment with the lam